The 4 Secrets to Winning Football Jackpots

3 min readFeb 17, 2021

Winning the Jackpot will instantly turn you into a millionaire. However, predicting Jackpot games is a nightmare for many bettors. Most of the Jackpot selections are well-balanced games with deceptive odds to confuse bettors. As such, you should not approach them the way you approach regular betting games.

Luck is a critical factor in winning the ultimate prize, but these secrets can give you a crucial edge over the bookies.

1. Look beyond the odds

Most bettors assume that the odds tied to each team are synonymous with its strength or weakness. However, the bookies are aware that you already know this, and most of the odds they offer do not necessarily translate to each team’s actual strength or weakness.

Thoroughly analyze each game by looking at previous and upcoming games, head to head, tournament standings, squad strengths, form, injuries, managers, and what is at stake for each team.

Statistical analyses are vital for an overview of Jackpot games but are not the key to predicting the correct outcome. This is why you must…

2. Master the norms

Most Jackpot teams in the relegation zone tend to win against mid-table teams and draw against top-table teams. However, if a top-table team is inconsistent in form, give the underdog a win.

If a top-table team has a lot at stake (maybe competing for the league or promotion to a bigger league), give it a win against mid-table and lower-table teams.

Teams struggling in the league will give little attention to other ongoing competitions. Likewise, a team that won the first leg against another team of equal strength is more likely to lose the second leg.

Strong teams with a losing streak in previous games will most likely win the current fixture.

3. Identify the draws

Identifying draws is vital in jackpot analysis as approximately 30–40% of jackpot games result in draws.

Usually, games with a home team of 3 odds and an away team of 2 odds tend to draw. Low-scoring teams are more likely to draw than high-scoring teams.

Jackpot teams that have not drawn in their last five or more meetings are 80% more likely to draw in the current fixture.

Strong teams competing directly for a league or promotion tend to play out a stalemate.

4. Play more often and combine efforts

Betting on jackpots requires consistency. Playing more often gives you an idea of how some teams behave since most teams repeatedly appear in the jackpots.

Jackpots usually have several tight games, and to increase your chances, you might need to place several different combinations. This will cost you more money.

Combining resources (money and brains) with like-minded friends will increase your winning chances.

However, be prepared to share your winnings.

Bottom Line

On some occasions, statistical analyses may not be the only key to predicting the correct outcome. Some Jackpots are won by people who follow their feelings even when football analysts suggest otherwise.

However, an informed analysis, good mastery of teams’ behaviors, and team effort combined with a bit of luck are everything you’ll ever need to win the ultimate prize.

Good luck!




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